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Saved Merida

Hello I’m Merida!

In 2012 I was born a very normal kitten, but I was feral. My family lived in a back yard of an abandoned house on mom and dads street, with neighbours feeding my family. At 3 1/2 weeks old, I was on a neighbours deck playing with my sister after we had some food they had put out. We got a little rough and we tumbled off the high deck and onto the concrete below. My sister fell on top of me, and I fell on my back and laid there for a while alone, crying. After a few minutes I tried to get up and walk but I was wobbly. I could not walk without falling, sliding, or rolling around. I rolled into the tall grass and away from everyone.

The neighbour feeding us noticed i had an injury and after a few days she told a friend, who found someone to come and help me. I had already been left out in the very hot sun and days of hail storms. I was on deaths door when my new mommy came and found and saved me! She made me so much better with food and water, since I could not get it myself. However, I was still really wobbly and unable to walk on my own still and no vets knew about cats like me, and how to treat or help me.

My accident happened years ago, now me and my mommy help raise money and awareness to help other disabled pet parents, wobbly or paralyzed pets receive life saving surgeries, and share the love and joy that adopting a disabled pet brings to your family through my social media pictures and videos. We are also big on black cat awareness, as they are less likely to be adopted.

(RIP Wayne Morris Black Cat Appreciation King)


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 Saved Merida


Thank you for your suppawt! ❤️