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Perfect Memorials



Our Meowmy made a memorial urn purchase for her cat Bowie, from Perfect Memorials. He lived an amazing 18-years and she wanted to be sure he had the best resting place ever!

Bowie’s memorial urn is nothing short of high quality, and amazing craftsmanship. He also got a high quality, personalized engraved tag on his urn that didn’t break the bank! You can find this urn in many colors under the PetHeavenly Creations Pet Sculpture Cremation Urns section of their website.


Perfect Memorials has a lot of colors, designs, and other options. The website is easy to navigate, just click on "Pet" to find your furriend their forever piece. They also offer access to online help if you need more information or have questions. 

Below is a list of just some memorial options for your beloved pet:

  • Jewelry
  • Urns
  • Ground Stones / Plaques
  • Engravements
  • Figurines

If you have lost a pet and need somewhere to help you take care of everything, this is the place! 

*Note: Most veterinarians will place your pet in an urn so you don’t have to, be sure to ask them for help!

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