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About Us

Our mission is to celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of misunderstood black cats, as they deserve to be loved and respected just like any other animal.

We are committed to spreading this message through our products and advocacy efforts.


My name is Amy.
I am the Owner, Manager & Designer of Posh & Tizzy, established in summer of 2021.

I am a lifelong black cat advocate, and a passionate big cat lover who started with the goal of promoting a positive and inclusive image of these cats.

My extended team consists of a wide range of experienced professionals with a deep understanding of this industry and a strong commitment to the welfare of these cats as well.

Who are Posh & Tizzy?





In our store, you will find products & services for black cats and their black cat loving humans.

We offer a variety of exclusively designed mugs, 24/7 veterinary care, pet memorials, and connections with rescues and other black cat advocates within the United States & Canada.


We are not just a small business retail website, but also passionate advocates.

We believe the cats we represent are often misunderstood and misrepresented in popular culture, and we are dedicated to changing this.

We work with a variety of animal rescue organizations to promote the health, safety, and well-being of these cats. We raise awareness about the issues facing them in our society.

Every time you purchase from us, we are able to give donations back to these organizations to help maintain and balance the lives of all these cats.

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Feel free to have a lurk around, read our personal blog.

Apply to join forces with us for FREE to become an affiliate so we can work together. We especially welcome cat shelters and rescues to apply so we can help their cats in need!

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