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Feline Fun in the Sun: A Guide to Summertime Cat Care

If you’re a cat owner, you already know how much we love to be warm!

Summer is here and we will find any reason to turn into a rotisserie in the sun. But, we don’t always know when enough is enough. It’s up to YOU to be mindful of current weather conditions such as heat advisory’s, storms, and high humidity.

Pawlease keep a timer set to change out our water, check on us throughout the day, and bring us inside if weather is too extreme. If you’re having a hard time staying out, chances are so are we. If you have to leave, be sure we have access to get inside in case we need to cool down.

The best place for us in hot weather is a shady spot, like a covered porch or deck. One of our cat beds for lounging is also a great solution. If you have power access outside, a fan is great for those days with no breeze.

Remember, if we go with you during travels, NEVER leave us in your vehicle without the AC. Vehicles heat up much faster than you think and we can suffer severe damage or even worse!

If you carry us in a travel carrier, do not forget water and let us out on a leashed harness often so we don’t overheat. Even with ventilated back packs or kennels, we can heat up fast!

As always, don’t forget our flea and tick treatments! Whether you use a topical, edible or a collar, it is necessary to keep those pesky pests off of us so we can stay healthy. Visit our link here for flea and tick prevention.

Keep your cats safe and comfortable! Happy summering! ☀️