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Cat Travel Tips


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We recently moved 600 miles south...600 whole miles in the car! 🚗

Even though we loved playing in the moving boxes, our vet was very gracious to provide some chill meds during the transition, and our hoomans were also very accommodating with plush blankets in our travel carriers, along with some catnip.
Below are some suggestions from us if you need to travel anytime soon with your cat:


  • First, know your cat’s disposition in the car. If he/she doesn’t handle it well, a vet can supply them with some chill meds while traveling.
  • Be sure to put your cat in their own durable travel carrier with some of their favorite items. Ours happen to be blankets and catnip, but some familiar toys, food, and water can help (well maybe water when the car is stopped so we don’t get soaked) 😹
  • Keep a harness and leash nearby so we can stretch our legs during stops, and you don’t have to worry about us fleeing the scene! Some collars are breakaway, meaning we can get spooked and free ourselves pretty fast, so harnesses are our first recommendation while traveling.
  • Keep some disposable towels, garbage bags, and pet friendly cleaner nearby in case your furr~iend might get sick or lose it in the car. It’s a terrible situation, we know, but it happens sometimes to the best of us.
  • Sometimes a good brushing will help us calm down, we highly recommend the equigroomer - this will also help eliminate the hair balls flying around your car.
  • Most of the time we won’t use our litter box while traveling. If you’re going a long distance, consider one of those travel litter boxes that can be disposed of after, they really work great during rest stops or overnight stays.


  • Don’t blast the music so loud that it scares us! Sometimes travel in cars can be very stressful and cause us to get sick. Amplified music can intensify this.
  • Don't travel at night. Because we are night creatures by nature, travel during the day is most purr~furred if possible, when we are more relaxed and in catnap mode.
  • Don't leave us in extreme temperatures! 🌡 Should you have to leave us in the vehicle at any time, be mindful of the temperature outside and be sure the car is well ventilated! Pets lose their lives all the time due to this, if you aren’t sure, take us with you if you can or don’t leave us at all paw~lease! 


  • Once we arrive at our destination don't chase us around. Simply open our carrier door and let us decide when to come out. If we decide to come out and hide, it is just our way of unwinding after all the hustle. Simply place our litter box, food, and water nearby, we will come around when we are ready.

    💵 Cat Travel Savings Checklist:

    Vet Consultation
    Travel Carrier
    Cat Harness & Leash
    Travel Litter Box