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Black Cat Myth 🐈‍⬛


Black cats used to have some of the lowest adoption rates in shelters across the United States. It’s been reported that potential adopters would perceive black pets as less friendly than lighter-coated pets.

Some shelters still today even stop adopting out black cats in October altogether in fear that they’ll be used as Halloween props and then ditched, or even worse! What a shame!

Anyone who has ever had a black cat knows that when we cross your path, you pet them! Black cats shouldn’t get a bad rap just because they look sneaky. In fact, they’re considered good luck in many cultures. There’s a lot of silly superstitions out there, but most of the world is starting to acknowledge black cats as sweet mini panthers, not creepy or bad luck. Let's keep up the good rep!



  • Exceptional health history! According to research, black cats have an evolutionary advantage due to their natural camouflage. Evidence suggests that they could be less prone to disease than other felines.
  • Some cultures consider black cats as good luck! If you’re having a hard time getting past superstitions, you should be aware that many cultures associate black cats with good luck. In England, women with black cats are said to be lucky in love. And ship Captains once kept black cats aboard ships to keep their sailors safe while at sea. A black cat crossing your path is also a sign of good luck in Asia. Instead of focusing on harmful superstitions, believe in positivity!
  • They come from ROYALTY! Nearly every cat believes they deserve to be treated like a king or queen. However, black cats were actually once regarded as royalty. They held a place of great honor in ancient Egypt. They were so worshipped that killing one was considered a crime. Like the pharaohs, black cats were also mummified and entombed to guarantee their place in the afterlife. Today’s black cats descended from those bloodlines, so adopting one is the best way to add a touch of royalty to your family.
  • Black cats go with everything! No matter what your style is, you’ll never have trouble coordinating it with a black cat. They look lovely when perched on furniture of any color or style. They will take the most beautiful photographs, and match you in any attire you wear.
  • Black cats look like mini panthers! Adopting a black cat is the easiest way to bring the majestic grace of a black panther into your home. Already referred to as “house panthers,” black cats have an exotic flair that allows you to experience the wild side without the need for special permits or the possibility of becoming a human sacrifice.
  • Black cats have amazing personalities! Even though every cat has their own personality, many black cats are playful, fun-loving, and full of energy. It’s almost like they try to be lovable goofballs to overcome the negative stereotypes. If you are looking for a loyal and affectionate feline, adopting a black cat is most definitely the way to go.
  • Finally, the #1 reason to adopt a black cat is that you’ll be saving a life. Black cats can spend a longer time in shelters than other felines, and they are more likely to be overlooked. Opening up your home to a black cat gives a loving animal a second chance at life. If the thought of black cats brings you images of scary eyes with sharp fangs and jagged fur, it’s time to let that go and see them for what they truly are; loving, beautiful animals who deserve good homes just as much as any other cat. Opening up your home to a black cat is an incredible, life-long experience.