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Feline Fall: Enjoying the Season with Your Furry Friend

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As fall rolls in, and the leaves begin to change 🍁, we reflect on the days of summer gone. Our catio time is sadly limited now before the winter chill hits and it is too cold to be outside.

Cat mom and Cat Dad have designed the house so we have warm, snuggly places to hide and sleep. Our furr~avorite spot is the tall cat tree by the window. The sun rays come in for warmth and relaxation, and when we are feeling feisty, it’s also the best place to jump and climb.

Posh also has what we like to call a “fry lamp.” This area is designated especially for those cool days with no sun. He will lay in it all day and all night if we let him! 

Tizzy has a donut bed, this is a great cat warmer for his donut sleep pose. It’s ultra plush, and great for sinking in and hiding. Get yours here.

Even though we get sad for warm days to leave, we know that Halloween🎃, Thanksgiving🦃, and Christmas🎄are right around the corner. 

We will get to lay by a fire, snuggle with the Cat Mom and Cat Dad with minky-soft blankets & pillows, watch our Youtube favorites, torment the Christmas tree, visit with family, and hopefully have stockings full of catnip toys!

We would like to wish a happy Holiday season to all our furr~iends out there!

Stay warm and cozy!